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Ella's Dollhouse Was Featured on Bonfire's Blog

Ella's Dollhouse Was Featured on Bonfire's Blog

“The start of COVID-19 quarantine was tough. Without much warning, the kids were sent home with their books, and we knew they weren’t going back.”

In March 2020, everything changed for families, and some were left with little to no options. Ella’s Kindergarten school year was abruptly cut short. When Ella learned that not every child would have the same luxury of toys to play with, she sprung into action. First, she cleaned out her toy chest, putting 80% of her toys in the middle of the room. She decided she would only keep her dollhouse.

Ella’s mother, Eraina, enrolled her in Young Mogul Academy where she took a ten-day virtual boot camp that helps kids launch their own businesses. During the boot camp, Ella excelled. She dreamed of giving her dolls to those in need across the world. Her mother decided to purchase 10 Barbies for her to give away to a shelter for women in California, that’s when Ella’s Dollhouse‘s was born.

Ella’s Dollhouse is a philanthropic business where they give dolls to girls in need. She realized she had to connect with girls and provide dolls for them to play with, so Ella and Eraina designed a t-shirt and launched a campaign on Bonfire. All of the proceeds from her campaign go towards the dolls that they donate to an orphanage in the Philippines called The Jasmine Rhose Foundation.

Her second shirt design was a direct representation of her style. Eraina and Ella decided on a silhouette of a girl with an Afro. Ella hopes to help out girls by giving them dolls, but also encourage them to launch their own business!

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