• I gave away 80% of My Toys, everything except my dollhouse.

    Her Why

    In March 2020, the Covid-19 quarantine started, everything changed for families. Some families were left with few options. Ella’s Kindergarten school year was abruptly cut short.


    When Ella learned not every child would have the same luxury of toys to play with. She took action. First, she cleaned out her toy chest. She decided she would only keep her dollhouse.

    Ella Took Action

    She realized she had to connect with girls and provide dolls for them to play with. Ella launched a t-shirt campaign to raise funds to purchase dolls for girls in need. Her next batch of dolls will benefit the children of the Jasmine Rhose Foundation, and orphanage in the Philippines.

  • How Can You Help?

    Ella gives away dolls to girls in need all over the world.

    Support Our Bonfire Campaign

    All the Funds we Raise Will Benefit Our

    Next Donation to the Jasmine Rhose Foundation, an orphanage in the Philippines.

    This holiday Season, our next round of dolls will be given to a foster care center in the Raleigh, NC area. Click here to register for our event.

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  • My Family Was Featured in LA Parent Magazine

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